How we Work and How to Enter


  Once a scientific question of your choice reaches the point where structural biology will assist you to gain knowledge about your system, we ask you to get in touch with us and we will arrange a meeting for a project meeting. You will inform us about the project status and your ideas about structural assistance. Here, we will assist by consultant of what could be done, helpful and what we are capable of. Also, we will discuss the prerequisites your samples need to fulfill to enter the pipeline. Up to now we call this stage 'Upstream'.

  By providing only a few hundert microliter of your sample in concentrations and qualities, that we will discuss together with you, we can start the collaboration. The core process of crystallization will take place in our halls and we will closely assist you in a collaborative project guidance manner. With final quality proven data sets you will exit our X-Ray Core Unit and follow up in close collaboration in the 'Downstream' process.

  In here, we will teach an assist you in processing you data sets and building and refining you structural model. Also, we will assist you in presenting the structure for scientific publications as well as publishing it in the RCSB Protein Data Bank (PDB).

  If structure-wise you know already your system well, we do not necessarily have to go along the whole workflow, but can enter at any stage further down the track.


  For all interested colleagues we request you to get in touch and don't hesitate to send us a brief project description and make an appointment for a phone call or a visit at our Unit in the VU O|2 Building.