Initial Screening

Initial Screening

 Setting up initial screening plates requires protein sample of highest achievable concentration AND protein buffer that can be used for dilution.


  Two random screens will be set up using the highest and two 1+1 dilutions. Plates will be checked within the first 1-3 days for their precipitated-to-clear drop ratio.


  If the ratio deviates significantly the concentration range will be adjusted. If it seems ok, more initial screens can be set up.


  Find a detailed protocol for this test here. Thanks Sandra for putting it together.

Core Screens

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Composition Tables:

Qiagen JCSG I

Qiagen JCSG II


Qiagen JCSG IV

Qiagen JCSG +

Qiagen Cryos

Qiagen Protein Complex

Qiagen NucleiX



MD Morpheus

Rigaku Wizard classic 1&2

Rigaku Wizard cryo 1&2 


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