Scientific Projects

  The 'Transcriptome' is the total sum of all transcriptional products within a cell. As Transcription is a tightly regulated process, misregulation usually causes a broad variety of diseases. Fixing these misregulated states for the good of mankind is what we mean by 'Therapeutic'. This implies that at the end of the day we want to develop molecules as therapeutical precursors specific for each of those diseases.

Crystal structure or NF-Y in bound to a DNA promoter.
Crystal structure or NF-Y in bound to a DNA promoter.

   As a common scope we focus on direct bimolecular interactions and their modifications. This can either be an inhibition or a stabilization of the complex and thereby activating or de-activating its function.

   Examples for protein-protein interaction modifications would be the SMAD family of adaptor proteins as well as the NF-Y complex (see Figure 1).

  Within our RNA-protein projects we developed a genetically encodable FRET system to analyze RNA-protein interactions qualitatively and quantitatively.

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