Group Members

  Dr. Sven Hennig Group Leader

  Coming back from my PostDoc in Perth, Australia, I joined the CGC in spring 2012, kicking off my group dealing with the inhibition or stabilization of protein-protein and protein-RNA interaction with the aim to modify transcription. If I'm not working on the computer or in the lab, I have some fun with my volleyball mates or am soaring in the sky above the Ruhrpott as gliding is one of my favourites ;-)

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Sabine Graf PhD Student

  I studied biochemistry at the University of Tübingen and did my diploma thesis in Silke Hauf’s lab at the MPI Tübingen. In September 2012 I joined Sven’s lab as a PhD student.

  I'm studying protein-protein interactions of the Smad protein family and their various interaction partners. We want to modulate the stability of these transcription modifying complexes and thereby regulate transcriptional imbalances.

   In my leisure time I go for a run, listen to music or go out for a drink.

Sebastian Kiehstaller - PhD Student

  After the completion of my Masters, I started as a PhD student in  Sven's Lab.

  In my project I investigate how certain mutations of crucial amino acids in my proteins affect binding to their partner molecules using various techniques, especially X-ray crystallography.

  I spend my spare time running or skating through Amsterdam or relax with a good book or music.