Working horse of our X-Ray Crystallography Unit is a Bruker D8 Quest fully radiation enclosed diffractometer system. I is equipped with a Icoatec IμS 3.0 CuKα X-Ray source, a automated goniometer head mounted on a kappa axes sample stage, Oxford Cryosystems Cryostream 800 and a cutting edge PHOTON II Charge -integrating Pixel  Array Detector (CPAD).

  This system allows for redundant and fine sliced data set collection within hours and is therefore the center of our unit.


  For all of our initial screenings we use a set of standard buffer screens and top liquid handling robotics (TTP Labtech, Mosquito) for low volume pipetting. We apply 100 nl sample + 100 nl buffer solution to each drop. A set of three different samples is tested simultanously.

  Top notch Leica M125 stereo microscopes including a cold LED light source and a polarisation optics located at room temperature and 4°C allow monitoring of the drops & crystal growth and also are our equipment of choice for crystal fishing and snap freezing. 


  MYTRON WBK 200 thermostatic X-tal incubators keep us independent from any fluctuations of external temperature control. This piece of very reliable instrumentation allows us to also vary temperature settings for special needs (eg. 12°C or 30°C).